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The Austin Defenders basketball organization is a proud member of the Houston Defenders Family.  The Defenders program competes in the Under Armour Association, Under Armour Rise, and Prep Hoops  Circuits.  We are one the largest basketball clubs in Texas with a focus on instilling qualities of leadership, sportsmanship, discipline and place a heavy emphasis on academics in order to ensure that every player is equipped to succeed in college and beyond.


Unfortunately we have been notified that all Tournaments this weekend have been CANCELED. The CDC has provided guidelines to help stop the spread of this unprecedented virus outbreak that has cause a global pandemic. We should all take this time do our part to help. Also use this time to stay safe and love your families as we continue to work on eliminating the threat and spread of COVID-19. We will continue to send out weekly updates on small practice opportunities and after a couple of weeks we all hope to back on track with tournaments. Stay inside, limit interactions with large crowds, & wash those hands!



The Defender family has been monitoring the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation closely, keeping the health of all parties affiliated with our events as the top priority.
Currently, all events/tournaments are going take place as scheduled.  Yet we will NOT have practices March 16-20th and We will continue to assess the situation with the information provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Our staff is aware of the threat and will continue to follow the counsel of the CDC as part of our commitment to serving you. We will update everyone Wednesday morning when we hear back from Tournement Directors, venues, or if we hear from CDC before we announce any changes in tournament schedules.
First, we are practicing the primary advice from the CDC based on the “common-sense” approach to infection-control. This includes proper cough etiquette, frequent hand washing, use of hand sanitizers and limiting face touching.
Second, we are instructing our staff to exercise increased awareness and attention-to-detail in sanitizing work areas during practices.  Please communicate to your players, coaches, family, etc. to be mindful of common public points of contact and to personally follow the CDC hygiene guidelines.
The CDC advises at this time that the risk for Coronavirus is low, but we can all do our part to ensure that our event experience this season remains as safe as it can be. CDC advice includes:
Avoid close contact with anyone who is sick
Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth
Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash
Wash hands frequently with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds (as long as it takes to sing Happy Birthday twice), especially after using the restroom, before eating, and after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing
Regularly use hand-sanitizer that contains at least 78% alcohol
Regularly clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces
Here are some additional suggestions from our team and the steps that our staff will take during the season:
Please encourage your players to wash their hands after the conclusion of the competition.
It is best for each player to have their own personal source of hydration (water bottle, Gatorade, etc.).  We recommend that players refrain from sharing with teammates
Avoid using public water fountains
Hand sanitizer will be provided at all stations in all venues
We will do our best to sanitize all basketballs between games and at half time. 
We will require the facility to throw away all water bottles left in the building after games. 
We will continue to monitor national, regional, and local government alerts and information.
Should you experience symptoms, test positive for Coronavirus, or have a need to quarantine on-site, we respectfully ask that you notify our staff immediately during the course of the event/practices/game/etc...
This notice serves as an advisory with guidelines to follow in order to prevent the spread of disease. 


NO Practices will be held at Jubilee 3/16-3/20. Please check website schedule or team schedules.

AAU Season is underway

If you missed tryouts we may have a couple of spots available.

Please register and reach out to Coach Bell 512-699-9856 or if you have any questions. If interested in Girls teams please contact Coach Singleton at

Evaluation Fee is $25.00:

Use PayPal link send as friends & family(no fee) then in the NOTES section list child’s first and last name with grad yr ex: “John Smith 2022”

Location: Jubilee Leadership Academy
3711 Shoreline Dr, Austin, TX 78728

Austin Defenders Player Interest & Eval Reg Form

Interested in playing for the Austin Defenders? Complete our player information and evaluation form and we will see you soon!

Sunday Training Payment

1st and 3rd Sundays of the month $15 per session. $30 per month (2 sessions). $120 for the summer if not playing for the club summer 2020. $50 for the summer if playing summer 2020. Use PayPal link send as friends & family(no fee) then in the NOTES section list child’s first and last name with grad yr ex: “John Smith 2022”

Looking for 2 Experienced Coaches

Opening for 2 coaches, one girls and one boys coach, to join our growing organization. Please contact or reach out to Coach Bell for boys: 512-699-9856  or for girls coach.

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    Only Game Jersey and Shorts are required all other is optional. THIS IS A NEW UNIFORM YR

    Austin Defender teams compete on the Under Armour Rise and Future Circuits also in the PrepHoops 'Grind' Circuit

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